Driving licence category B

Contact for English speaking students

+48 690 303 102  (please text me if there is no answer)

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We would like to thank you for your interest in driving lessons at Koala Driving School.

We provide our students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with Polish Highway Code rules. We professionally prepare you for passing both state driving tests and independent driving. With us you will become a qualified driver.

All classes take place on an individual basis with instructor. Practical part of the training takes place in the same vehicle as the one used at the Test Centre.

Price list for driving licence (Cat. B) training


Hyundai I20  manual car                                                  

  • Normal training    3300 PLN  3000 PLN

  • Intensive training (practical part within 15 days)    4100 PLN  3800 PLN

  • Additional lessons (1 hour)    120 PLN  115 PLN

  • 10 hours package  1100 PLN 

  • limited time price promotion


Toyota Yaris Hybrid  automatic car

  • Normal training    3600 PLN  3350 PLN

  • Intensive training (practical part within 15 days)    4500 PLN  4150 PLN

  • Additional lessons (1 hour )    130 PLN  125 PLN

  • 10 hours package   1200 PLN 

  • limited time price promotion


Your medical examination costs 100 PLN and can be done in the city centre prior to making an appointment.

The training price includes:

  •  Theory classes
  •  Practical driving lessons
  •  Manual to prepare you for the theory test
  •  90 days access to the theory questions data base
  •  Internal practical test (simulation of the state test)
  •  Internal theory test

We offer the possibility of paying in two instalments.


Payment by card, cash or bank transfer account number

02 1090 1014 0000 0001 4336 6867   OSK KOALA  Radarowa 52 Warszawa



How to start the training?

You must have the Driver's Candidate Profile, which is issued by your Municipal Office (Department of Transportation – pol. wydział komunikacji).
To receive the Profile you must submit an application, medical report, photograph (3,5x4,5 size).

Polish Law states that car licence training can be started by a person who:

  • is at least 17 years and 9 months old
  • has been living in Poland for at least 6 months
  • is able to provide their residency address
  • is in possession of their residency permit card, visa or any other document confirming their right to stay in the territory of Poland, or confirmation of studying in Poland for at least six months.

Contact for English speaking students 

+48 690 303 102 (please text me if there is no answer)

e-mail  drivingkoala@gmail.com


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contact for English  +48 690 303 102

English e-mail  drivingkoala@gmail.com

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